Destination Cornerstone Bible Institute (DCBI)

Destination Cornerstone Bible Institute (DCBI) is Cornerstone’s annual school preview event. It is an opportunity for potential students to visit the school, sit in on classes, stay in the dorms, eat in our dining hall, and enjoy recreational activities.

For more Information please visit our DCBI page

Schedule a Visit

If you would like to visit the school either individually, or with a family or church group, please feel free to contact the school office by phone (605-745-6878) or email ( to make arrangements.

What to Expect

If you decide to visit our campus, you will have the opportunity to experience some or all of the following:

  • A Look around Campus

  • Attending Classes and Chapel

  • Staying on Campus

  • Meals in the Dining Hall

  • Visiting with the Staff and Students

Please Note:

  • Meal Tickets need to be purchased from the office for the meals you intend to eat in the dining hall. (No charge for missionaries and pastors.)

  • Prospective students may spend the night in the dorm Please bring bedding or a sleeping bag

  • Parents/sponsors may be able to make arrangements to stay in the CBI guest apartments. Check with the office for availability. Bedding is provided.

  • Dress code for classes and chapel is:

    • Men: Dress pants or non-faded, colored jeans (as opposed to blue jeans), collared shirts or appropriate sweaters, and well-kept (not athletic) shoes.
    • Women: Dresses or skirts which are knee length or longer (including slits) with non-formfitting and modest neckline blouses. Well-kept shoes (not athletic) or sandals may be worn.

  • Dress Code for afternoons and evenings is casual:

    • Men: Jeans and T-shirts are acceptable

    • Women: Loose fitting pants, jeans, capris and T-shirts may be worn. No bib overalls or tank tops please.

For more detailed information on the dress code see the handbook section "Appearance."