Three Year Program

The courses offered at Cornerstone Bible Institute are designed to implement the philosophy, purposes and objectives of the Institute. The course of study at Cornerstone is three years, with Bible being our only major. 


Areas of Study

All classes offered at Cornerstone are grouped into the following academic departments:

Bible and Theology

Through these classes, the student learns to study the Word of God from a literal, historical, grammatical hermeneutic. The student will study the major Bible doctrines and the books of the Bible. Theology is the in-depth study of God and His Word. These are required academic courses for graduation.

General Education

These classes teach education for the Christian life and practice including how to interface with the world in general. These are required classes for graduation.

Missions Ministries*

This emphasis deals with learning what God has done to provide for eternal salvation for all mankind and how to personally obtain that salvation (evangelism), the history of sharing that message in local and cross-cultural settings, and strategies for how to best spread that good news to the ends of the earth now.

Christian Education*

This emphasis teaches how to teach all ages about God and His Word in church ministries, camping, and home.

Pastoral Ministries*

This emphasis for men involves learning all the facets of how to be a minister/pastor and preach the Word, meet the Spiritual needs of people, counsel, and conduct funerals and weddings.

Music Ministries

Each student learns the function and presentation of music in church settings, including how to read notes, lead choirs, and conduct singing. This also covers the practical side of a music ministry that includes choosing music and developing music programs. Some of these classes are required classes, while others are elective.

Biblical Languages

These elective classes are designed to familiarize the student with the essentials of New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew.  They provide the student with the basic tools for proper exegesis through teaching vocabulary, grammar, and translation.

* The classes in these areas of study are an academic emphasis.



Bible is the major for each student at CBI. Specialized areas of study (or “emphases”) include the following: Christian Education in the Local Church, Pastoral Ministries, and Missions Ministries. Each student is required to choose one of these emphases when he or she enters the Junior year. Students may choose more than one emphasis or take additional elective classes.

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