Each Monday, students and staff gather during chapel time to exchange prayer requests and pray for one another.

During Chapel on Tuesday through Thursday, the school gathers to worship the Lord in song and be strengthened through the preaching of the Word of God. Special speakers or men on the faculty share in the responsibility of communicating God’s Word.

On Friday, the choir practices during the chapel time.


Christian Service and Church Ministries

Christian Service is an opportunity to serve and to verbally communicate the Word of God to people in the community. Students are required to select a ministry under the guidance of the Christian Service Department. Second-semester freshmen work closely with upperclassmen and a faculty supervisor in a ministry where they gain experience and develop leadership skills.

Common ministries for students in connection with the local church include: Youth ministries such as AWANA, JAM (Jesus and Me, a youth group ministry), and Bible Club; Senior living ministries or a senior ladies’ Bible study, music ministries, and preaching ministries for the men. There often are other ministries as well in connection with the student’s chosen local church.


Dorm Devotions

Each Monday, group dorm devotions are led by the dorm Residents Assistants. Occasionally, the dean or a guest may share during this time. This gives an opportunity to interact together in the Word of God in a casual atmosphere.


Special Events

CBI hosts a week long annual Bible Conference and Missions Conference. Students and staff have an opportunity during this time to sit under the teaching of the Word of God from speaker(s)/ missionary(s).