This emphasis for men involves learning all the facets of how to be a minister/pastor and preach the Word, meet the Spiritual needs of people, counsel, and conduct funerals and weddings.

The following classes are included in this emphasis:

241 - Homiletics I

Students will learn the principles of preparing and delivering sermons. The various forms of sermons will be studied and discussed.
(2 credit hours, men)

242 - Homiletics II

In Homiletics II the practical aspects of preparing and delivering sermons is put into practice. Each student will prepare and deliver various kinds of sermons.
(2 credit hours, men)
(prerequisite: 241)

243 - Church planting

In this class, consideration is given to the principles and methods involved in planting a new church and nurturing it to its full development.
(2 credit hours)

341 - Homiletics III

This course is an extension of 241 and 242. It is designed to give the student greater ability in presenting the great truths of the Word of God.
(2 credit hours, men)
(prerequisite: 242)

342 - Pastoral Theology

In this course, the many practical aspects of the pastoral ministry will be discussed. Attention is given to the responsibilities and challenges the pastor will face.
(2 credit hours, men)