This emphasis deals with learning what God has done to provide for eternal salvation for all mankind and how to personally obtain that salvation (evangelism), the history of sharing that message in local and cross-cultural settings, and strategies for how to best spread that good news to the ends of the earth now.

The following classes are included in this emphasis:

121 - Introduction to Missions

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the priority of the Missionary Program in the mind of God. The course strives to introduce the student to the basic principles of missions and life on the mission field.
(2 credit hours)

122 - Personal Evangelism

Various methods of evangelism and follow-up are studied. The actual use of these methods is put into practice in the daily life of the student.
(2 credit hours)

221 - History of Missions

This is a study of the missionary movement from its beginnings in the book of Acts to the present day. The lives of people who spearheaded the missionary endeavor are highlighted.
(2 credit hours)

222 - Inside Missions

This class will show the vital importance of the internal working of mission agencies and the interdependency of the three following areas: the missionary, the mission board, and the local church.
(2 credit hours)

321 - Current Mission Strategy

Current mission strategies are analyzed and evaluated. Practical alternatives are discussed.
(2 credit hours)