It is our desire to see God’s work advanced through meeting the ministry need of churches and ministries whose doctrine and practice is compatible with CBI. We at CBI are not endorsing the ministries listed but to the best of our knowledge, they stand with CBI in doctrine and practice. Each person contacting a ministry assumes ALL responsibility regarding their relationship to that ministry.

We trust that God can use this site for His glory in the search for the right person for each opportunity.

This site is limited to churches and organizations seeking personnel to serve with them. It will not list individuals looking for ministry.

We do not have any ministry opportunities posted at this time.

If you would like to request us to make known your opportunity for ministry on this page, please download the Personnel Search Assistance Application. You may email it to, “Subject: Personnel Search” or mail them to “CBI, PO Box 1158, Hot Springs, SD 57747, Attn: Personnel Search”.

A church or ministry will be removed from the list when we are notified that the position is filled or if we receive no communication after six weeks. We are glad to extend their place on the list for six weeks if notified.