Born and raised in Northern California, I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 12. However, since my parents attended a liberal church at that time, I did not come under the sound teaching of Scripture until I was a senior in High School. Later I met and married Dan Driesenga at Vallejo Bible Church while he was stationed at Mare Island in the Navy. After he was discharged, we moved to the Sacramento area with our two children to attend Sacramento Bible Institute. After two years the Lord moved us and our three children back to Vallejo and opened the door for me to complete my education and training as an RN (registered nurse). As soon as I received my RN in California, we moved to Michigan where Dan graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. We then moved back to Vallejo for a Pastoral Internship at Vallejo Bible Church. In the years since then, Dan has served as a church planter, associate pastor and pastor at three churches. He was also the director of Hartstone Bible Camp in Northern California for seven years. I worked as an RN in a variety of settings for over twenty years. I was also trained in computer technology when back problems made working as an RN impossible.Our three grown children have given us eleven grandchildren. So far two of our children and three of our grandchildren have attended CBI. We have prayed and supported the ministry since it started. The Lord seems to have equipped us with the experience to serve in a variety of areas at CBI. We felt blessed to be called and accepted to serve here.