001 - Missionary Conference

Midway through each first semester, a week is devoted to a missionary emphasis. Experienced missionaries participate in the conference, challenging those who attend to view missions from a biblical perspective.
(1 credit hour)

002 - Annual Bible Conference

One week each February is set aside for the Annual CBI Bible Conference. A guest pastor is invited to minister throughout the week, with emphasis on a specific book of the Bible or an important Bible theme.
(1 credit hour)

003 - Christian Service

Christian Service is not a class, but an opportunity to serve and to verbally communicate the Word of God to people in the community. Students are required to select a ministry under the guidance of the Christian Service Department. Second-semester freshmen work closely with upperclassmen and a faculty supervisor in a ministry where they gain experience and develop leadership skills.

151 - Basic English

Good communication skills are important in our ministries. This course is designed to be a review of essential concepts of English sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.

All incoming students will be given an English proficiency exam. Students exhibiting weaknesses in English skills will be required to take Basic English.
(0 credit hours)

152 - English Grammar and Composition

The emphasis of this class is the development of effective writing skills, including composing correct, clear sentences and producing well-developed paragraphs and essays.
(2 credit hours)
(prerequisite: 151)

153 - In-Depth Biblical Discipleship I

The purpose of this course is to enable the student to face, deal with, and endure the trials of life from a biblical perspective. It will equip students to disciple others so that they too will be able to face the trials of life biblically.
(2 credit hours)

154 - In-Depth Biblical Discipleship II

This is a further development of 153.
(2 credit hours)
(prerequisite: 153)

155 - Writing Research

This course teaches skills necessary for doing independent research and for presenting that research in a well-organized, accurately documented paper. CBI has adopted the Turabian, or Chicago Manual style of documentation for all research papers.
(1 credit hour)

254 - Customs and Manners of Bible Lands

This class represents a walk through the streets in Bible times, enabling the student to interpret Scripture better by considering the perspective of its original readers. Students research topics such as architecture, worship, marriage and home life, occupations, war, and even animals.
(2 credit hours)

257 – Ministries of the Christian Woman I

This course considers practical personal skills necessary for ministering in the home, church, and community. Special emphasis is placed upon learning to lead small-group Bible studies.
(2 credit hours, women)

258 - Ministries of the Christian Woman II

Students learn the inductive Bible study method for personal spiritual growth and for application in preparing devotional messages and Bible studies. The class explores a wide variety of other ministry possibilities for the Christian woman.
(2 credit hours, women)
(prerequisite: 257)

351 - Biblical Apologetics

This course provides the student with the background and knowledge to defend the Christian faith. The importance of a Biblical position in this age of unbelief is discussed.
(2 credit hours)

352 - Cults

This is an examination of the history and doctrines of the major cult groups which claim to be Christian. Consideration is given to Romanism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, Christian Science, and "New Age" philosophies, with instruction for proper use of Scripture in refuting the teachings of such groups.
(3 credit hours)

353 - Church History

This course is a survey of the establishment and development of Christianity to the present. Emphasis is placed upon individuals and people groups who have contributed to the Protestant Church.
(3 credit hours)

354 - The Christian Home

In this course the Biblical basis of the home and the roles and relationships in the family are discussed.
(2 credit hours)