Faculty and Staff 2018-2019

Faculty and Staff 2018-2019

Bill Baxter

Bill Baxter, Academic Dean, Faculty


Owen Cornelius

Owen Cornelius, Registrar, Faculty


Joy Baxter

Joy Baxter, Faculty and Receptionist/Secretary


Michele Charles

Michele Charles, Faculty


Marilyn Cornelius

Marilyn Cornelius, Faculty


Bob Courtney

Bob Courtney, Skype Faculty


Mike Godsell

Mike Godsell, Teacher, Faculty


Ruth Haynie

Ruth Haynie, Faculty and Courier Editor


John Metzger

John Metzger, Skype Faculty


Matt Parker

Matt Parker, Guest Instructor


Isaac Stanley

Isaac Stanley, Guest Instructor


Bob Townsend

Bob Townsend, Guest Instructor


Bob Winn

Bob Winn, Skype Faculty