Cornerstone Bible Institute has a three-year program of study. Each freshman class takes Bible classes as their major, including Old and New Testament Survey. They also get a taste of each of the different emphases, such as Introduction to Missions, Effective Teaching, and In-Depth Discipleship, as well as general education classes and music classes. Each freshman class is assigned class sponsors from the staff or faculty, who orient the class in matters such as class leadership, fundraising, and special class events.
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In their junior year, the students declare their study emphases (Missions MinistriesLocal Church Education MinistriesPastoral Ministries, or Biblical Discipleship/ CounselingBiblical Languages) and take classes associated with those emphases, along with continuing classes for their Bible major, and electives. The junior class is responsible for hosting the Spring Banquet.
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Students in their senior year will finish both the Bible major classes and the classes in their chosen emphases. Close to the end of the school year, a banquet is held in honor of the seniors. The seniors graduate in May, some going directly into ministry, some into an internship, and others into further education.
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Beginning with the second semester of the freshman year, students are required to be involved in a Christian service opportunity. Local churches have many ways for students to participate, such as teaching in children’s programs, leading music, or preaching.

In the fall semester, all qualified students are welcome to sing in our choir, the CBI Singers. From those students, some will be selected to travel with the choir during our three-week summer tour. Those in the choir who read music may ring in our Handbell Choir as well. These students must commit in the fall semester to the choir tour ministry. The choir leaves on tour the week after graduation.

Missions Conference is held the third week in October. Various missionaries and mission organizations are represented each year. Bible Conference takes place in February. We host a special speaker who concentrates on a particular book of the Word of God or on a particular theme.

Course Numbering System:
First Digit = Year of Study
Second Digit = Department of Study
Third Digit = Course and Semester (Fall = Odd; Spring = Even)