This emphasis teaches how to teach all ages about God and His Word in church ministries, camping, and home.

The following classes are included in this emphasis.

132 - Effective teaching

This course is designed to give a basic understanding of principles of good teaching for ministries primarily found in the local church.
(2 credit hours)

231 - Teaching Children

Here is a study of how children develop and learn at different age levels and of methods of teaching suitable to children's ministries.
(2 credit hours)

234 - Christian Education in the Local Church

This is a comprehensive course dealing with the various segments of the teaching ministry of the local church and how to design and carry out these various ministries. Students are required to plan a Vacation Bible School. Students who then implement that VBS under the department's direction will receive an additional unit of credit.
(2 or 3 credit hours)

332 - Teaching Youth and Adults

This is a study of how to meet the special needs of youth and adults in their various states of spiritual growth and development. It includes how to teach youth and adults and how to disciple others.
(2 credit hours)