Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Bob Winn was saved when he was 16. After graduating from high school, he went to Philadelphia College of the Bible and graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Bible degree. In the fall of that year Bob began studying at Dallas Theological Seminary and married Priscilla on Dec. 31, 1977. They have four grown children and five grandchildren. Bob received a ThM in Historical Theology in 1981.

His experience in ministry includes 3 short-term mission trips to France, Eastern Europe, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In 1983 the family moved to Luxembourg City and served for four years with WEFMinistries (now Biblical Ministries Worldwide) in a German-speaking ministry. Upon returning to the States, Bob pastored in New York State and in 1996 moved to pastor in Broken Bow, Nebraska. He has been in his second pastorate there since 2005.

Bob describes Priscilla as “a highly capable and effective Bible teacher to both women and children. She is discerning in ways that only a godly woman can be.” Together they make an effective ministry team.