153 - In-depth Discipleship I

The purpose of this course is to enable the student to face, deal with, and endure the trials of life from a biblical perspective. It will also equip students to disciple others so that they too will be able to deal with the trials of life biblically.
(2 credit hours)

154 - In-depth Discipleship II

This is a further development of 153.
(2 credit hours)
(prerequisite: 153)

271 - Biblical Discipleship/ Counseling I

This class will make application of the biblical principles learned in In-Depth Biblical Discipleship I & II in a specific discipleship/ counseling context. The goal is to equip students to disciple/ counsel within the context of the local church.
(2 credit hours)
(prerequisites: 153 and 154)

272 - Biblical Discipleship/ Counseling II

Biblical Counseling II is the application of the Biblical Discipleship/ Counseling principles covered in the previous courses. The application is specific to the context of marriage counseling. The goal is the equipping of students to disciple/ counsel as a ministry in the local church.
(2 credit hours)
(prerequisite: 271)

372 - Biblical Discipleship/ Counseling Practicum

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with instruction and guidance as they Disciple/ Counsel another person. Course time will be divided between classroom instruction and actual Discipleship/ Counseling. The principles and format of Courses I an II will be implemented. The course will also include additional research in the field of counseling.
(2 credit hours)
(prerequisite: 272)