Applicants must complete the Student Application Form in its entirety, therein testifying of salvation in Christ, signifying their agreement with the Cornerstone doctrinal position, and verifying their desire and commitment to cooperate fully with the standards of life at Cornerstone Bible Institute.

It is recommended that applicants should have been saved for one year before coming to Cornerstone.

All applicants must submit a high school transcript. We also request transcripts of any post-secondary training the applicant may have pursued.

All applicants must submit a Medical History form. Dormitory students must also submit a Medical Examination form signed by a licensed physician.

A recent photo or snapshot and an application fee of $25.00 must accompany the Student Application form before it can be processed. A late registration fee of $60.00 must accompany the application after July 15.

Anyone who has been dismissed from another Bible school, college, or other school will not normally be considered as a potential student at CBI until such time as he/she would be eligible to re-enroll at the previous school. The previous school will be contacted and asked to furnish information regarding the dismissal, a conduct report, and waiting periods and conditions to re-enroll.

Circumstances may require that a student be accepted on probation at the discretion of the admissions committee.